A blog about dogs

PetLovers.co is a blog dedicated to dogs run by Jaime & Jordi (that’d be James and George).

We love blogging and dogs and own 2 lovely rescued dogs: Mojito and Duquan.

Mojito is a Greyhound rescued from Toledo, Spain.


Duquan is a Jack Russell rescued from Greece and currently living in Barcelona, Spain.


Our goal is to provide you and your pets with the best resources, infos, toys and accessories we can find and write about.

At Petlovers.co you will find posts about:

Dogs Products

Toys and accesories fully reviewed (and shoppable as well!)

dog feet cleaner Dog hair removal glove Dog water shoes Pet Cremation Jewelry

Dogs Health

Contents that will help improve your best friend’s health

How to get pet hair off clothes How to clean dog paws after walk how to dry a dog What is the best dog shampoo?

Dogs Training

Dog training tips, do’s and don’ts

How to train your dog to travel Best dog training leads How to house train an older dog tips on how to walk a dog

Dogs Facts

Curiosities and funny facts about dogs

Why am i allergic to dogs What to know before adopting a dog What Do I Need For A Puppy A Pet Can Help You Live Longer

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