With rising concern over heart attacks and other diseases, perhaps you have overlooked a simple solution to the betterment of your health.

By simply owning a dog, studies show you can decrease the incidence of a heart attack by up to 30%.

There have been reports of cats and dogs saving lives through amazing feats. If you could extend your life, there’s no better way than by adding a furry ball of love into your world.

Owning a pet improves everyone’s life

All of us benefit from owning a pet. Whether young or old. It gives us a companion and a reason to live for.

Older ones who might have grown children who have left the home and have less activities in life can especially benefit from a pet.

Studies show that a cat or dog have similar effects but a cat can have even more positive influence on its owner. Depression and lonliness can vanish when a kitty comes into the life of an owner.

dog and old man

Young ones can learn important lessons on responsiblity and care. These little creatures can make a person feel needed and forget the stress and problems in thier life. Even if its only for short periods of time, it can be enough to combat the health problems that can arise from stress and depression.

Love Has No Age Limit-Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home
  • Patricia B. McConnell Ph.D. (Author)
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  • 96 Pages - 06/01/2011 (Publication Date) -...

Owning a cat is good for your health

In spite of the annoyances that come along with pet ownership – the scratching of the furniture, the weekly litter box cleaning, and accidents you may have to clean up – studies have consistently shown lowered blood pressure and cholesterol.

This is more true for cat owners than dog owners, although no explanation can be found. Pet owners are also more active, since they have to keep up with their animals needs. This provides a less sedentary lifestyle, leading to better health through physical activity.

But a pet is not for everyone

Now we are not saying, just drop everything and go out and buy any old ‘big eyed’ dog or cat at the local shelter. There are some things that might detract from a happy experience if not taken into account.


For instance:

  • Pets require special care such as flea and tick medication
  • Dogs need heart worm medication, accidents can require trips to the vet
  • Most pets require an insurance
  • You have to walk the dog EVERY DAY, at least 2 or 3 times
  • You need to play and train the pets
  • Etcetera

Money is one of the biggest cause of stress in a persons life. So be sure the individual can properly care for thier pet and not become stressed out over occasional costs. Food, litter, toys and proper enclosures can quickly pile up. If such matters can be accomodated then the benefits of pet ownership are well worth the investment.

If you’re a busy guy, don’t adopt a pet

Now if a person is stressed out because he or she is always busy and on the run, you might think twice before adding to that lifestyle.

After all, it would not be fair to obtain a pet and then not have time to give it the care and time they need. This is not a Tamagochi.

After all, owning an animal requires time and affection on both sides.

adopted dog

Dogs are like children, they need constant attention, especially if they are an only dog. Dogs will often not eat when thier owner is not at home. So if you like long vacations and would not plan on bringing fido with you, could cause health problems for your pet.

Cats on the other hand usually take such things much better. Needed less personal attention they can be a better choice for a buisier person.

Adopting a pet for health reasons is a good idea

Sometimes, it is more than health reasons that makes you want to take a pet in, it might be what they bring as your constant companion.

The joy that an animal can bring comes from knowing you are loved. If you visit a shelter and find an animal that steals your heart, you can save the animal from death and maybe save your own life in the process.

Saving two lives at once is something most pet owners don’t think of initially, but sometimes that is what happens, when they decide to get a pet.

By the way, when in doubt, ALWAYS ADOPT, don’t buy.

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