We had a number of dogs throughout our family and extended family, and we just couldn’t imagine growing up without a dog.

We prefer to adopt our dogs from local dog shelters, as opposed to purchasing through a breeder, and we tend to encourage others to do so as well.

Yet, there are several points to note before adopting from a shelter, which we’ve shared below, and please feel free to share additional comments and feedback on adopting from shelters!

By the way, this two are owr adopted dogs 🙂

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You May Not Get the Specific Breed You Want

Have you always dreamed of caring for a Black Labrador puppy with white paws and a white diamond on her chest? Dog shelters have tons of cute puppies and adult dogs to choose from, but they may not have the exact dog breed and age you’re looking for.

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Yet, by staying open to different dog breeds, you just may end up choosing a breed that is absolutely perfect for you, which you wouldn’t have even known if you didn’t take a look around!

Many people also tend to want puppies, and pass over the adult dogs found at dog shelters. Although it’s nice to have an adorable puppy in your home, remember that the adult dogs may already be housebroken, making your life as a dog owner much easier!

Plus, they’ll be providing you with so much love and affection that the age simply won’t make a difference.

Understand Why the Dog Was Given Up

Many dogs are brought to a dog shelter because their owners were moving and couldn’t take them, or their owners no longer had the means to take care of them.

However, it is important to ask the dog shelter for information on the dog’s history, as there’s always the chance the dog may not interact well with children, or have a tendency to bite on the furniture a bit too much.

Getting as much information as possible from the start will go a long way in choosing your ideal canine match!


Have Your Family Spend Time With the Dog

Once you’ve chosen the shelter dog that you feel would be best for your family, have your entire family come to the dog shelter and play with the dog. Many shelters do have larger play rooms just for this purpose, as it helps both the dog and the family get acclimated with each other, and ensure all can coexist.

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