Most dogs are frisky and playful. They love jumping into puddles, running around in the mud, or digging holes on the ground. They love getting dirty.

Even if you just take your pet dog out for his routine walk around the neighborhood, you can expect dog paws or puppy feet to get really dirty.

You have to learn how to clean dog paws after walk.

Reasons for Cleaning Your Dog’s Paws after Walks

Why is it important for you to learn how to clean dog paws after walk?

1. You want to keep your floors clean.

You don’t want your dog to come in from the muddy outdoors and leave a muddy trail all over your floor. You don’t want him to track dirt and mud in your home.

dirty dog footsteps

2. You want to protect your carpet, furniture, bed, car, and other personal belongings.

Dogs constantly jump around when they are excited. They may put their paws on you, as well as on your personal belongings.

You don’t want your dog’s grimy paws to get on your favorite things. As you already very well know by now, this is difficult to manage.

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What you can do is to keep your dog’s paws clean, especially after a walk outside, so that they don’t stain or dirty up your things.

dirty dog

3. You want to keep his paws clean and healthy.

When you talk about maintaining your dog’s hygiene, you usually think about giving your pet regular baths, brushing his teeth, brushing his coat, and cleaning his ears.

It is easy to forget about keeping his paws clean.

This seems pretty ironic as paws are likely to be your pet’s dirtiest part.

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Your dog plays in all kinds of places. You can just imagine the dirt, grime, and mud that get into his paws.

He is exposed to a lot of germs. While he may have the natural disposition to handle the dirt he steps on, he is likely to get infected if he has cuts or scratches on his legs or paws.

Cleaning your dog’s paws after you take him for a walk gives you the chance to clean and inspect his paws.

When you clean your dog’s paws, you are able to check on other things as well.

cleaning dog paws

You can check his paws for cysts.

Cysts can sometimes grow in between your pet’s toes.

These cysts can become painful – and may sometimes require surgery, if you aren’t able to notice them right away, give them the appropriate medication, or consult a veterinarian about them.

You can check his paws for ticks.

Ticks are frequently found in between toes or behind dog paw pads. Cleaning your dog’s paws after a walk gives you the opportunity to check for these parasites and apply the necessary measures to get rid of them.

You can check his nails.

It is important to trim your dog’s nails regularly. If you don’t notice that the nails have become quite long, your dog is likely to hurt himself – and others in your household, as well, when he plays rough.

How to Clean Dog Paws After Walk

How do you ensure everything is clean on the inside mud on the outside?

The following are effective ways for how to clean dog paws after walk.

Bathing Your Dog

If you want to get your dog completely clean after his walk, you can give him a full body bath.

If it is a warm summer day, you can bathe your dog by hosing him down with water outside. If the climate is cold, it may be better to bring him inside the house for his bath.

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You don’t want your dog’s dirty paws to track mud all over your house as your dog walks to his tub.

bath a dog

Always have a towel and a rubber mat ready by the doorway.

Have your dog stand on the rubber mat. The mat will keep your dog from slipping. It will also protect your floors from dirt. Use the towel to remove surface grime from your pet’s muddy feet.

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Once your dogs paws are clean enough and guaranteed not to leave muddy paw prints on the floor, let your dog walk to his tub. If you have a small dog, you can do without the initial cleaning and simply carry your dog all the way to his tub.

Before bathing your dog, remove sticks, small pebbles, and other debris that may have become tangled in your pet’s coat. Use your fingers to remove tangles. Do all these before wetting your dog. It is more difficult to remove debris and tangles when your dog’s coat is wet.

dog bath

Give your dog a thorough bath. Use a mild pet shampoo to get him clean and fresh-smelling. Use warm water to rinse out the shampoo.

Use a clean towel to dry your dog. If your dog has really thick hair, use a blow drier on gentle setting to dry his fur thoroughly. You can also make your dog stay in a comfortable, warm, and dry area to air-dry.

Experts don’t recommend that you bath your dog frequently. Giving your pet frequent baths may cause dryness and irritation. It removes the essential skin oils that your pet needs to grow and maintain thick, glossy, and healthy fur.

Fortunately, there are other ways you can explore for how to clean dog paws after walk.

Quick Clean Techniques

These techniques include the following:

Soap and Water

You can use the ever reliable soap-and-water duo to give your dog a good paw wash. Use a mild soap to wash those puppy paws and remove mud and dirt. After giving your dog paws a quick rinse, apply mild ointment to soothe any scratches or cuts.

dog paws

Wet Wipes

If you don’t have a wash station to give your muddy dog paws a quick soap-and-water rinse, you can use wet wipes as an option.

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Can you use baby wipes on dogs?

Wet wipes or baby wipes are an effective mudbuster. They are easy to use. You get a deeper clean from using wet wipes than from using a plain towel.

Wet wipes can remove pollen, grass, and other irritants that may cause allergies and make your dog itch.

If you have a really muddy dog, use wet wipes to give your pet a more thorough wipe down. Wipe his face, giving extra attention to the area around his mouth. Wipe his back end. Include his back side to get rid of residual feces or urine.

Some dogs can have sensitive skin. Look for scent-free wipes for your dog.

Make sure to dispose of the used wet wipes properly.

Dog Paw Plunger

Using a bucket may be a bit messy. Using a dog paw plunger may be a more convenient dog paw washer if you want to get your dog’s legs and feet clean after his walk.’s Dog Feet Cleaner comes in beautiful pink, blue, and green colors that your pet will love. You simply put your dog’s paws inside the paw cleaner. The multiple silicone bristles inside the foot cleaner will then loosen and get rid of the mud and dirt on your dog’s paws.

Looking for a dog paw cleaner? We have one reviewed just here!

dog feet cleaner

Change the water before you continue cleaning the other paws.

A lot of dog lovers consider this paw plunger as the best way to clean dog paws after walk. It is easy and convenient to use. It gives your pet’s paws a thorough clean. It is so light and small that you can even bring it with you for an easy clean on the go.

Cornstarch or Dry Dog Shampoo

You can use either a dry dog shampoo or cornstarch to clean your dog’s paws without having to rinse or use water.

Just sprinkle the product on his paws. Remove the excess using a brush with soft bristles. You will also get rid of the dirt and dust from your pet’s paws.

Do-it-yourself Paw Cleaner

You can make your own paw cleaner by mixing water and apple cider vinegar in equal parts. Keep the mixture in a spray bottle.

After going for a walk with your dog, spray your dog with the mixture. The antimicrobial properties of the mixture will help protect your dog from bacteria. It will also remove any stench that your pet may have picked up.

Get rid of stubborn grime and mud on dog paws by soaking a towel in the mixture and using it to wipe your pet’s paws.

dog training


You can’t keep your dog’s paws from getting all muddy or dirty from your daily walk. After learning how to clean dog paws after a walk, you’re likely to find cleaning him up easy. You’re not likely to mind him prancing happily about when he goes out to have fun with you.

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