If you’re a new dog owner, you know the struggles on the first few days. There are so many questions that you’d ask like “How often should a dog be bathed?”  or maybe “Why do dogs go crazy after a bath?”

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. But, you can get so much information nowadays from the Internet.

The first thing to know is the right way on how to give a dog a bath. It may depend on your dog’s attitude towards bathing. It’s important to know how to clean a dog’s ear as well. A lot of bacteria and insects can dwell inside a dog’s ear, so you have to clean it, too.

Once you’ve learned how to bathe your dog, it’s time to learn the proper ways on how to dry a dog. Here are different ways on how you can do this.

bath a dog

Let your dog be

After washing the dog, let it free to air dry. This might be the easiest way to dry your dog. It’s also the most enjoyable time for them. Air drying is also the best method for dogs with sensitive skin.

It’ll feel cool and happy after a bath. But, you should give it space and keep your distance. Dogs tend to profusely shake when they’re wet.

However, try not to do this for young puppies. Pups might still be too weak to shake off the water or won’t have fully-grown fur. Letting them air dry may weaken their immune systems, resulting in illnesses.

dog bath

You might also want to avoid air drying if your dog loves to roll in the dirt after baths. You may want to keep them in a mud-free area.

It’s a good idea to tether your dog while air drying to keep them in a certain place if they’re too energetic. But, don’t chain them up for too long. It can be stressful for your dog and it’s also against the law in most states.

You can also try a different method on how to dry your dog after a bath if this isn’t the best option for you.

Towel dry your dog

Towel drying is another common and easy way to dry your dog. There are many benefits with towel drying your dog.

  • You can make sure your dog is completely dry.
  • Dogs can feel more relaxed when towel dried. The slight pressure of drying with a towel can be a form of massage for them.
  • Puppies can stay warm after bathing when towel dried. Pups can easily get sick when they’re exposed to cold conditions.

First, you must learn when can puppies have a bath. Then, know how to give a puppy a bath and the proper way of drying a puppy.

If you decide on towel drying your dogs, you have to get the best towel for them. The best material would be a quick absorbing towel. This will make towel drying quick, easy, and more comfortable for you and your pet.

You can go for chamois or any cotton material. But, you may want to get a special absorbent dog towel. It’s soft, ultra-absorbent, and easy-to-clean.

absorvent dog towel

Remember these simple tips when towel drying your dogs.

  • One towel may not be enough, try to have two or three towels nearby after washing the dogs.
  • Rub your dog’s coat in a gentle manner. Don’t apply too much pressure even when rubbing the coat quickly.
  • Change towels when they get too wet. Some dogs with thick coats may need several towels when drying.
  • You may use the end parts of the towels to clean your dog’s ears. But, some people prefer using thinner pieces of cloth or tissue instead. You can ask your vet about what to use to clean dog ears.
  • Be gentle when drying your dog’s ears, chest, neck, and paws. These are sensitive parts of their body. If you make a wrong move, your dog may become traumatized by your routine.

dog paws

Use a dog drying coat

Using dog drying coats is an effortless way to dry your dog. These are like bathrobes for dogs. After bathing or swimming, all you have to do is put it on your dog.

A high-quality dog drying coat can dry your dog in a few minutes. It’s also versatile because you can use it on your dog as a winter coat.

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dog positive reinforcement

But, it doesn’t dry dogs’ feet, ears, and neck. You’ll still need to use a separate material to dry water in dogs’ ears most especially. Leaving your dog’s ears wet can lead to infection.

After putting on the drying coat, immediately start drying the ears and paws. You may only need a thin towel to do this. But, an absorbent dog towel is still your best option.

Blow dry your dog

If you have hair dryers at home, you must’ve experienced your dog getting spooked by its noise. But, can you blow dry a dog? The answer is yes.

The last method on how to dry a dog after bath is by blow drying. This is the best method for dogs with thick or long coats like the St. Bernard and the Afghan Hound.

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dog hair shampoo

Many grooming salons use pet hair dryers because they’re time efficient. Also, using these gives dogs’ coats a certain shine.

But before grabbing your hair dryer and pointing it at your dog, you should know how to blow dry a dog properly.

Another thing to consider is buying a special blow dryer for dogs sold on the market. These often look like vacuum cleaners. But, they’re designed to make drying quick, efficient, and comfortable for your dogs. You also might be able to find a standing dog hair dryer. These are what pet groomers often use.

If you don’t have the budget to buy a special pet blow dryer, you can use your own hair dryer. But, you should follow extra precautions when using a hair dryer.

  • Get your dog used to your hair dryer turned on. This may take days or even weeks.
  • You may wonder, “How hot does a hair dryer get?” High-powered hair dryers may be too hot for your dog. It’s recommended that you set your hair dryer to its lowest setting with both heat and speed.
  • Keep the nozzle as far as possible from your dog. Also, move the dryer in circular motions. Having the hair dryer too close and concentrated on one spot can burn your dog’s skin.
  • Don’t force it when trying to dry your dog with a hair dryer. If you see that it’s starting to scare the dog, you should stop and try again some other time.


Every dog is unique in its own way. Keep in mind that one method that may work for one dog may not work for the other.

If you’re a new furparent, observe your dog’s behavior first. Try different drying methods until you find the best for you and your dog.

hunting dogs Labrador Retriever

Follow the simple steps and tips for each method of drying a dog. These will make everything easy for both you and your pet. Also, consider investing in high-quality dog supplies like a blow dryer, absorbent towels, or a drying coat.

The most important thing is that you associate bathing and drying with a positive experience. This will help your dog feel happy with being clean and dry.

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