If you have a cat or a dog for a pet, you probably know by now that hair comes with the package.

There are days, however, when finding pet hair on your business suit just before a meeting or on your glam dress just before a date can be pretty nerve-wracking.

Life with your pet will be much more pleasant if you know how to get pet hair off clothes. 

Tips on How to Get Dog Hair off Clothes without Lint Roller

Keep your clothes closet shut

You sometimes wonder why the jacket you keep all the way at the back of your clothes closet has pet hair all over it.

Your dog does not only leave his hair wherever he walks. When your dog sheds hair, dander and dog hair get into the very air that surrounds your home. They can go anywhere. No open place is safe.

If you don’t exactly feel that hair of the dog rocks, keep the doors to your dresser and clothes closet shut tight. This is the best way to get dog hair off clothes.

Dog hair remover meme

Remove pet hair from the air

You don’t want to be saddled with the persistent dog hair on clothes problem. To address the problem, reduce dog hair in the air.

Minimize the problem by regularly sweeping pet hair off the floor. Use your vacuum cleaner for a more effective way of getting rid of pet hair from floors.

Use the upholstery tool to vacuum sofas and chairs, especially those that your pet prefers to lie on. Use an anti-static spray on the upholstery. Wipe furniture with a damp cloth to remove remaining hair.

Make use of an air purifier, particularly in rooms where your pet stays most of the time.

Use a little distilled white vinegar for washing your clothes

Pet hair tends to stick to fabric that has static. Adding a little vinegar to your wash is how to remove dog hair from clothes in washing machine.

Add half a cup of distilled vinegar to your wash. This will help diminish the static in your clothes’ fabric. It will loosen up the pet hair that is on your clothes, so you can easily wash it off.

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Vinegar is also the answer to how to remove lint from clothes. If you don’t know how to remove lint from black clothes, you have your answer in distilled vinegar.

Use the dryer before washing your clothes

If your clothes are full of pet hair, you can use the dryer to get rid of the hair before putting the clothes in the washing machine.

Put the dryer on cool. Put your clothes in and let the dryer run for a few minutes. The dryer’s drum action helps to loosen the hair and haul it into the filter. Don’t forget to clean the filter right away.

dog laundry

Another helpful tip is to use dryer sheets with the clothes. Dryer sheets are effective as dog hair remover. They prevent the hair from sticking to the fabric.

The use of dryer sheets is also the best technique for how to get dog hair out of blankets.

Use your hands

Remove dog hair from clothes with your hands.

Moisten your hands with some cold water. Run your hands through your clothes in a downward motion. The hair on the clothes will clump and ball up. They will be easier to take out and throw away.

Use a dog hair remover brush

You don’t have to be all hot and bothered when you notice dog hair on your clothes just before you leave for the office.

Just get the handy Petlovers.co Dog Brush and brush away all the hairy stuff from your outfit. It is a fast and convenient way to get cleaned up.

Looking for a dog hair remover? we have one reviewed here!

Use Velcro

Get a Velcro strap and run it over your clothes. It will easily pick up the hair that sticks to your clothes.

You can get Velcro from stores that sell craft and fabric material.

Use a pet hair removal glove

My dog’s hair is falling out!

You don’t have to panic. Just get Petlovers.co Dog Hair Remover Glove and your dog’s hair is good to go.

Your pet dog probably thinks that this is best pet hair remover.

Looking for a pet hair removal glove? we have one reviewed here!

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The glove has a textured surface that makes it easy for you to collect and remove dog hair while you caress your pet. It is a good way for making your pet feel loved and pampered while you take care of all the pesky shed fur.

Wash the glove in warm water. The hair will simply float away from the glove.

Pet hair removal glove

Use a damp mop

A damp mop or duster works wonders on the floor where your pet dog usually lies down. Just run it over the floor and pick up the hair that your dog has shed. 

Preventive Measures So You Don’t Have to Fret about Removing Dog Hair from Clothes

You don’t have to worry about how to remove dog hair from clothes if there’s no dog hair to speak of in the first place.

The following preventive measures will help reduce the problem of how to get dog hair off clothes:

Choose a dog that is not prone to heavy shedding

If you want to get a dog, choose one that belongs to a breed that does not shed so much.

dog leash

You may want to get a Yorkshire terrier, Greyhound, Poodle, Bichon Frise, Staffordshire bull terrier, or a Maltese. These are the breeds that don’t shed too much.

Regularly groom your pet

Bathe your dog on a regular basis to wash away and rinse off hairs.

Comb or brush your pet’s coat.

Your dog may have loose undercoat hairs entrapped beneath his topcoat. He may have dead hair strands that are just about to fall off. Combing or brushing help to get rid of all the hair that would otherwise find their way into your clothes.

Brushing also promotes healthy skin oils to nourish your pet’s skin. It makes hair stronger and healthier.

Feed your dog healthy food

A well-balanced diet promotes healthy skin and hair. A diet that has adequate omega 3 and 6 fatty acids nourishes both skin and hair. It moisturizes your dog’s skin. It prevents hair from becoming weak and brittle. It reduces shedding.

Cover your couch or bed with a blanket

Your interior designer will probably disagree with this particular technique. However, this method will make things easier on you.

Cover your bed or couch with a blanket. Teach your dog to lie down only in the space that is covered. This way, your dog will only shed hair on the blanket. You don’t have to remove hair from the whole couch. You simply have to throw the blanket into the washing machine.

Keep your clothes covered

As already mentioned, keep the door to your clothes closet shut. Put your dirty clothes in a laundry basket that comes with a cover. These techniques will prevent your clothes – both clean and dirty, from having pet hair all over them.

Choose the right fabric

You may not want your pet to dictate what clothes you should wear. However, it pays to know what types of fabric are pet-friendly.

Velour, velvet, wool, cotton, loose knits, and corduroy tend to attract pet hair. Synthetic material has static (which tends to attract hair) but it is a better choice for clothes to wear around the house.

Satin, leather, and shiny fabric are safe choices. Pet hair will just slip off them.

Stock up on anti-static fabric conditioner

Use anti-static spray on your clothes and upholstery. It makes wiping down clothes and furniture to get rid of pet hair much easier.

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