When training your dog, whether it’s a puppy or a dog that’s new to you and your family, you of course are going to need some proper equipment to help you do this effectively and safely.

Someone new to the world of dog training can be very surprised and overwhelmed with the many different items available to them, including dog training leashes.

A novice may assume that these are just fancy leashes but in reality there are different uses for different dog training leashes and it’s important that you choose the right one for the training session.

What are the best dog training leashes?

Take a look at our top 5 and opinions on the dog leads.

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Dog traffic leash

One such example of specialized dog training leashes are those that are called “traffic leash”. These are very short and thick leashes that give you virtually no extra room between you and the dog.

The purpose of these types of dog training leashes? Simply put, when you’re in a lot of foot traffic you want your dog at the heel position at all times.

Any more room on the leash and the dog is likely to start getting into other people’s way, causing a disturbance, jumping on strangers, or even getting into fights with other dogs.

This type of lead also gives the dog a greater sense of security because it’s so close to the owner and isn’t caught up in a crowd of strangers and isn’t likely to be hurt by chasing after a car, getting accosted by another dog, and so on.

Even though these dog training leashes are meant to be very short they still come in a variety of sizes, usually anywhere from six inches for very large breeds to twenty inches for shorter breeds.

Be sure that you get one that is long enough; always err on the side of caution and get one longer than what you think you need as you can always loop the extra few inches around your wrist as you walk.

dog leash

British style leashes

British style or slip dog training leashes are a combination of lead and collar in one. They slip over the dog’s neck and work something like a choke collar.

Most dog experts will advise against using these unless you’re very skilled with them and even then it should only be in controlled situations.

The reason for this is that if they are jerked or pulled too hard this is very painful for the dog. Typically only skilled dog handlers or owners should use these types of dog training leashesand they should never be used with children or those who aren’t experienced with training a dog.

Rubber or plastic leash

Other dog training leashes are short and made of a rubber or plastic so that they can be used for hunting.

When a dog has a scent the owner can let go and the short lead won’t get caught in anything or trip up the dog; they are also easily washable for after the hunt!

Choosing from all these types of dog training leashes isn’t difficult if you realize their different purposes and uses.

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Dog training leashes: why are they important?

Dog training leashes are not only important, they are the most popular tools for dog training as well. This is especially true if you need something that is reliable, specifically if your dog is excitable or likes to lunge.

Naturally, of course, dog training leashes are used in conjunction with a collar as well. The two together provide much more stability than other reinforcements.

That being said, dog training leashes are used with different degrees of force – it all depends on your dog’s personality. The force used can range from extremely firm correction to rather mild, almost gentle prompts on the leash.

As well, when using a dog training leash, it is better not to scold and harp on the dog, as the correction may be rendered ineffective.

In most cases, implementing dog training with a leash begins with teaching your dog a behavior with the leash.

Once your dog shows that he under stands the command, be it to sit, stay, or heel, then you will use the dog training leash either when the dog disobeys or when he makes a mistake. At these points use the leash as a means to control and communicate with your dog.

Leash and trust are good friends

For a training leash to work, your dog has to trust you, to the point that he will allow you, as the handle, to position your dog in a certain posture or stance.

In general, doing this will not take a lot of force, just simple tactics of physical manipulation, an endeavor which is much more safe – not to mention easier – when you use a dog training leash to execute it.

Eventually, this kind of leash training can be implemented into more advanced systems, and you will be able to incorporate a reward system whenever your dog obeys your leash commands.

dog training

It is vital to understand, however, that the dog training leash is simply a tool for training. It should never be used as a means of punishment or scolding, and you should not abuse your position as handler, because your dog will be able to tell that you are doing this, and he will not only because less comfortable with the leash, he may start to fight against it as well.

Dog training with a leash is just the first step towards being able to train your dog with a number of other tools

Leadership is one of the most crucial skills you as the handler can incorporate with your dog. Your dog will respect your leadership but he will not respect misuse of the leash.

Furthermore, it is also important to remember that dog training leashes will never be able to replace the value of the appropriate relationship of leader/follower between you and your dog.

It is essential to create a bond with your dog before you ever attempt leash training him, otherwise the process will have failed before it has even begun.

Trying to implement dog leash training before there is a bond of respect and trust between you and your dog, will make him far more likely to resist even the most basic training techniques.

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