Have you ever seen those viral videos of dogs where they chase around lights? You can have your own dog do the same adorable stunts using this amazing dog LED light toy.

harmless LED light toy that will drive you dog ABSOLUTELY BANANAS while he chases around 3 different projections.

  • Comes in 6 different colours
  • The LED light s Harmless to your pet’s eyes
Dazzling Toys Pet Toy Squeaking Balls with Blinking LED Lights Set of 6 for Cat, Dog Pet. Comes in Bright Colors
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY | SAFE TO PLAY: Pack of 6, Made...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Make a great activity for any...
  • FLASHING RUBBER BALL: These Rubber balls light-up...
  • DEVELOPMENT: Stimulate your child’s fine motor...
  • RISK-FREE: Dazzling Toys is a brand you can trust....

An interactive toy full of benefits

Playing with cats using this LED light toy has amazing benefits. This will help your dog be more coordinated.

Also, your domestic dog has a natural predator instinct. Playing with him using this LED light can fulfill his prey-stalking needs. It’s also a good way to bond with your dog.

Dogs do see colours!

You may think that your dog can’t see colors. But, many experts are suggesting otherwise. Some believe that cats can see colors, but not as vivid as humans. If this is true, then your dog will love this LED light toy.

It comes in 5 bright colors that will surely catch his attention. Instead of a plain red dot, make him run after a blue mouse, a yellow fish, or a silver paw print!

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