For people who like to feed their dog when going out, a collapsible dog bowl would be great. But, it’ still not convenient enough for dog owners who jog and stroll, and only want to give their dogs a drink.

Walking can be exhausting, so our lovely pets need to drink. A portable dog water bottle seems like a nice idea to do it. And, believe me, it’s better than carrying and actual water bottle

Don’t want the hassle of carrying a water bottle and a drinking bowl? You can bring this portable dog water bottle that won’t need a drinking bowl.

The cap of the bottle is special. It’s in the shape of a large spoon where you can let your dog drink.

Tilt the bottle with the cap slightly downward, and press the button. This will release water into the small drinking bowl.

M&MKPET Dog Water Bottle for Walking Portable Pet Water Bottles for Dogs Water Dispenser Pet Travel Drink Cup with Bowl -Food Grade Silicone|BPA Free (12oz, blue)
  • QUICK & CONVENIENT— One-hand operation, easy to...
  • PERFECTLY SAFE — High quality material,...
  • LEAK PROOF LOCK WATER— Silica gel seal ring,...
  • DURABLE & EXPANDABLE — Removable top can be...
  • EASY FOR TRANSPORTATION — Compact water bottle...

2 sizes and 3 colours

It’s available in two sizes – 550ml and 350ml. These are ideal for small to medium sized dogs. You may need to bring an extra bottle or two if you have a large dog breed.

The innovative design of this bottle benefits both owners and dogs. It’s compact and easy to carry. Gone are the days of bringing a bulky bag with a water bottle and a drinking bowl separately. You can put this in your bag and it won’t take up too much space.

dog water bottle

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