If you want to stand out at the dog park, you and your dog can sport a rainbow colour dog leash. You’ll be the talk of the town when everyone’s using plain and boring leashes.

Say yes to fashion. Say yes to rainbow.
Say yes to shinny stuff. Say yes to our rainbow colour dog leash.

Be the brightest dog EVER wether you are small, medium or large sized.

Durable material and, of course, fashionable

This rainbow coloured dog leash is made from incredibly durable double-strand nylon material. It comes in three different cord diameters with but the same length at 120cm.

It’s not too thick, heavy, or long making, it ideal for all dog breeds. It’s also comfortable for long walks.

The hook clasp is also reliable when it comes to durability. It will hold your dog well when he tries to drag you. He’ll always be secured whenever you’re out.

dog leash rainbow 2

The leash isn’t made from different nylon parts to create its wonderful color. The whole leash is solidly colored, which is another reason why it’s sturdy.

It’s simple, yet it gives a bold statement. You can match any outfit (yours and your dog’s) with this colourful leash. It’ll pair with anything since it has every hue of the rainbow.

When stored at home, you’ll be able to see it immediately. It’s almost impossible to lose something this colourful and pretty.

Rainbow colour dog leash specs

  • Comes in 3 different sizes
    • S: Diameter 0.8 cm, length 120 cm
    • M: Diameter 1.0 cm, length 120 cm
    • L: Diameter 1.2 cm, length 120 cm
  • Comes with a blackhook
  • ? For dogs
  • ? For humans too (yup, we don’t judge)
  • Made of nylon in a solid pattern
  • Double Strand

dog leash rainbow

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